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Cereales Alfalfa, S.L.

Cereals belong to the Gramminae and Herbaceous plant family that contain grains and seeds essential for animal feed. An important part of world cereal production aims the feed of farm animals. 

We have a wide experience in the commercialisation of all kind of cereals.



Feed / Malt products

Hordeum Vulgare belongs to the Gramminae family. They are used mainly in animals, pigs, and in the brewery business, too.


Flour products / Fodder products

It belongs to the Gramminae family and it is one of the world’s largest grown products. It is mainly used to manufacture floors and fodders.


Animal feed / human feed

Herbaceus plant of the Gramminae family. It is used to feed cattle, mainly horses and for human feed but in a less percentage.


It belongs to the Gramminae family. Both rye and wheat are the most important cereals all over the world.


It is a hybrid of wheat and rye. It is used for animal feed.


Herbaceous plant from America. It is used for the cattle once the oil has been extracted.

Beet pulp

It is a derivative product of the sugar industry. It supplies excellent nutritional properties for the cattle, thanks to its proteins and minerals.


It belongs to the Brassicaceae family. It is used for animal feed due to average protein content. It is used in different kinds of cattle.

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